Top 10 Leading Interior Design Companies in Dubai in 2024

Jul 11, 2024

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Dubai, a place famous for its high-rise buildings and thinking big when it comes to design, brings the same spirit to interiors. With a wide range of talent to choose from, the most discerning homeowners or businesses can easily find interior design firms to suit their needs. But with such a vast pool of possible partners, selecting the right one may become a daunting task. This carefully selected list unveils the ten most popular Interior Design Companies in Dubai for 2024, with different design approaches, but all have the essential talent of turning visions into reality.

1-XBD Collective: One of The Best Interior Design Companies in Dubai

XBD Collective is a powerhouse, encompassing several renowned brands. The currently operating brands are XBD Interior Design, XBD Architecture, and Bishop Design Residential.  They specialize in architecture and design for both private and public domains, and they include interior design and even landscaping in their portfolio. If you can picture a situation where everything, starting from the shape of the building and ending up with how the furniture is aligned, is perfectly synchronized; welcome to the world of XBD Collective.

Interior Design Companies in Dubai

2. The Big Fitout:

Specializing in the spectacular makeover of Dubai’s villas, The Big Fitout has been synonymous with quality and speed for quite some time now. Started by Jason Kotecha, the company has over ten years of working experience in bathroom and kitchen renovations, as well as remodeling whole villas for various prestigious communities such as the Arabian Ranches and Jumeirah Golf Estates. However, if you are in search of a sensible option for the refurbishment of a villa, The Big Fitout should be considered.

3. Algedra Interior Design:

Algedra Design is a multiple award-winning design firm famous for its creativity and luxury solutions. It is important to note that they have a very diverse range, working on both residential and commercial buildings. No matter if you desire a modern and glamorous style or a hint of tradition, Algedra’s design department is equipped with enough knowledge to make your dreams come true. This makes certain that every single aspect of their work is well executed without compromises.

4. Swiss Bureau Interior Design:

Swiss Bureau is one of the few European Interior Design Companies in Dubai. Their niche is to design chic home interiors that are both practical and sophisticated. Consider quality and workmanship, precise detailing, and the desire for the design of homes to be elegant and comfortable. That being said, if a classic and luxurious style appeals to you, you should pay attention to the Swiss Bureau.

5. Emaar Interiors:

Being the design division of the Emaar Properties group, the global developer of Burj Khalifa, Emaar Interiors taps into its rich experience and capabilities to design wonderful spaces. Its portfolio shows they are specializes in luxury living, paying attention to every single detail and using only the best materials. If you are looking for a design partner who has already successful experience in delivering luxury housing projects, you will probably consider Emaar Interiors.

6. Design Infinity:

The company name of Design Infinity speaks for its services as it provides a full circle design solution for projects, starting from the conceptualization right up to the final implementation. Their team focuses on the needs of the clients and their ability to create comfortable and beautiful working environments. To be on the safe side, Design Infinity tries to venture into every possible style: modern minimalism, classic elegance, and everything in between. Selecting your dream Dubai project comes first. Then, personalize it with your favorite designer! Explore top investment opportunities:

7. waiwai:

waiwai provides freshness to the lethargic design scene of Dubai and primarily focuses on the younger demographic by designing bright and cheerful zones. Their principle is to aim at those who want to make perfect decorations reflecting themselves. If you want to escape from the standards of professionalism and turn to experimenting with kitschy and adorable motifs, waiwai is the design firm for you.

Interior Design Companies

8. Studio M Dubai:

Studio M Dubai is indeed a paradise for those who love modern interface design. Their design approach is more precise, engaging more in using clean lines, different materials, and an overall emphasis on continuity. Being one of the best Interior Design Companies in Dubai, their portfolio demonstrates much elegance and functionality when designing interiors for people’s small homes in big cities.

9. Kelly Wearstler Interior Design:

Making a glamorous entrance to Dubai’s design landscape is Kelly Wearstler Interior Design. This LA-based firm with local and international influence is headed by one of today’s most influential designers, Kelly Wearstler. It will be all about daring patterns, material contrast, and a vintage note in sync with contemporary styling. If you want an interior design company that offers an individual approach and loves adding glamorous Hollywood vibes, Kelly Wearstler Interior Design is your lucky star.

10. Mas Interiors:

Finally, we have Mas Interiors, an interior design firm specializing in the history of the Middle East and how the firm can capture it and embody it in today’s context. Their design approach is to combine traditional themes with modern concepts, thus, creating environments that embrace cultural contexts, yet are fresh and modern. Picture a room filled with contemporary metal mashrabiya dividers, or hand-knotted carpets on contemporary furniture. This makes Mas Interiors ideal for anyone looking to be associated with a design that embraces the cultural aspect of the area with an outlook on modernism.

Find Your Perfect Design Partner

Taking into account all these factors and studying the exceptional Interior Design Companies in Dubai on this list, you will be able to start a journey of turning your space in Dubai into the view of your dreams. This guide will surely help you in finding the best interior designer but for the exterior designs? Don’t you want to know about one of the best and top developers to let you have your dream villa?

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